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                Products We Offer



                Honeylink provides professional fresh and frozen food temperature monitoring with devices and platform


                Honeylink offers a practical solution specifically designed to meet strict regulatory compliance requirements for hospitals, life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation of medicine in pharmacy industry.


                With years’ experience and services, Honeylink has developed specific industrial temperature & humidity monitoring solutions for customers, which include:manufacturing, power supplying, inspection and quarantine laboratory, central heating room, library, etc.

                OEM / ODM

                Honeylink has been working in temperature & humidity and environment monitoring file for more than 10 years, experienced and familiar with all communication technique application such as NB-IOT、GPRS、LORA、BLE blue tooth、WIFI、ZIGBEE、433M and etc. For giving much more better service to customer, Honeylink offer individual customization service of product based on the system of temperature & humidity

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